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  • Can link associate editor: ...te revolution]] and [[technological singularity]]. A former associate editor of ''[[Fortune]]'' magazine, his early work focused on tech...
  • Can link hunter-gatherers: ...ociety after [[agrarian revolution]] and replaced the first hunter-gatherers cultures.... (link to section)
  • Can link education system: ...he Second Wave society are [[nuclear family]], factory-type education system and the [[corporation]]. Toffler writes: "The Second Wave S... (link to section)
  • Can link Third Wave: ...g away from a Second Wave Society into what he would call a Third Wave Society. He coined lots of words to describe it and mentio... (link to section)
  • Can link public policy: ...influential beyond the confines of scientific, economic and public policy discussions. [[Techno music]] pioneer [[Juan Atkins]] cite... (link to section)
  • Can link science-fiction: ...ner Books ISBN 0446602590 ''[[The Shockwave Rider]]'' is a science-fiction novel inspired by his ''Future Shock''.... (link to section)

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